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Bella Grace Blog Hop - In-Production : This Magical Life

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In-Production: This Magical Life

“Turn into yourself. Face what frightens everyone else. Meet your monsters and love them like children. Give them a meadow to breathe safe and wild in. Be a shrewd gatekeeper, as not everyone knows what to do with shadowed creatures. Make peace with them and read their maps. They’re hand-drawn in crayon and the colors will point you home.” – T.N. Trivett (In Bella Grace Magazine – Issue 7)  I love this quote!

I am twenty-eight years old now, and getting frighteningly close to the notorious thirtieth birthday, which this word - “notorious,” can really be said and associated with any milestone decade birthday. You’re going along just fine, and then you hit upon that next decade of your life, and sometimes in a panicked manner you start assessing and comparing, and listing all that you haven’t done, rather than all that you have in fact accomplished. I can visualize these monsters getting the party together, ready to festively jump out two years from now, running around with kazoos, and party hats, and me standing there bursting into a “STOP! I’M NOT READY FOR THIS!” - But what is “this” really? I’ve heard the refuting of this fear many times, that age is arbitrary, that it is all about the journey. When you allow yourself to pause and look inside of your heart, rummage around for a bit, you realize that this is true, that there is much magic that has occurred and fills your life as you go on that has absolutely nothing to do with age. The magic in life is continuous.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, “Magic” is defined as “a mysterious and enchanting quality.”  Magic is the quality of an event or circumstance that you do not expect, but it is intertwined with all that your life is meant to be and represent. We are all created unique, and are made up of the innate and the people and events that influence us. No two people are the same, nor is their story. I believe each and every one of us possess magic, in the sense that I personally feel that anyone who has experienced life realizes that we are not in complete control, and often the most uniquely to you moments occur through nothing you could have imagined or predicted in your wildest dreams. Whether it’s the events that you will never be able to reason with, but just have to become stronger from, or the absolutely incredible and undeniably beautiful live moments that enter you so subtly that you excitedly say, “Wow, that happened to me? That was part of my life story?” To me, it is all part of the magic that is your life, and your story! 

When I gather up my key memories, I begin to actually see my life as an epic movie on the big screen! It’s a life in-production, and it is most definitely magical!

As the film reel of my life rolls, so far I see…

-       Growing up with my Grandparents.

-       A white horse and my Aunt’s old house we would visit on Eastern Long Island.
-       Mom playing the piano. A house filled with all different kinds of music.

-       Family drives, walks, and magical vacations together.
-       Losing both my Grandparents between the ages of twelve and fourteen.
-       My Jack Russell Terrier, Holly, and now Alistair.

-       My father being from Hungary, and all that this has come to represent and shape in me.

-       Cousins that have become best friends and sisters.
-       Having a family history that encourages creativity, inventiveness, and dedication.

-        Growing up in church.

-       Going away to school in Kansas - My older brother and I sharing an apartment.

-       The passion I have for the open land and sky of the Western U.S.

-       My Mom’s Dark Blue Oldsmobile, My Grandfather’s Silver Buick, My sadly deceased car – “Big Red,” and my brother’s car – “The Silver Fox!”

-       Trips to visit relatives in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. There was a beach down the street we would go to before the area was washed away by Hurricane Sandy.

-       My mom being the most remarkable Kindergarten teacher, and me visiting and learning from her – leading to a long period of babysitting and child-care jobs that have helped shape who I am, and where my life is going, in such a beautiful way.

-       School in Kansas leading me into pursuing media, writing, and in the end a BA in Communications, and creating this blog – LIVING IN DARK BLUE!

-       Right and wrong loves, and unforgettably caring movie-like moments throughout this discovery.

-       Learning to not desire to be part of the crowd – Finding Me! Learning to wait, and keep my standards true to me.

-       A period of almost ten years of discovery - trips to Las Vegas, writing screenplays, poetry, blogging, being published, and concerts that have directed me clearly to where my priorities, passion, and love are.

I realize with this acknowledgment of magic and the cultivating of magic by living a very full life, that the thirtieth, or the fortieth, or sixtieth, seventieth, and on… birthdays, are nothing to fear. The monsters that may induce insecurity are our child-like friends in reality, telling us to celebrate, demanding that we do, because we are cause for celebration! The ups and downs, we are in production of quite a fairy-tale – A truly magical life. This life is filled with magic. Each, and every one of our lives are comprised of the chances we take, the decisions we make, the life we fully live, and the receptiveness to all the people and things that surround us. It’s intricately timed and placed, and age has no part in it with the exception of helping us grow past the sometimes uncomfortable insecurities, and recognizing the beautiful – seeing the movie of your life that you are currently in-production of.

What are some key events, moments, and times that show what your movie is comprised of? Please feel free to comment below, I would love to read your responses to this post!

I urge you to list some of the key scenes and parts in your story. It really does help in realizing that you are exactly where you need to be, that your life is uniquely you, and that is very beautiful! 

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