Monday, September 17, 2018

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Friday, September 7, 2018

Who Wants To Read A Story All About Love, Life, & The Supernatural? NOVEL COMING SOON!

Who wants to read a story all about love, life, and the supernatural???

I hope all of you because my novel, AS THE WINDS CHANGE, will be coming soon!

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I'm looking forward to connecting and sharing this story with all of you.

Thank you, Living in Dark Blue Followers!

With Love,

Christie Leigh

Friday, August 10, 2018

Happy 5 Years, Living in Dark Blue!

Today marks the five year anniversary of the Living in Dark Blue Blog and I can't thank all of you enough for reading my stories and poetry. My life has gone through some major transitions just these past few months alone, and yet I couldn't feel more blessed. I now have my first novel being published, and I have a small group of people who are forever by my side. I also know who I am all the more largely because I had an outlet for my voice, whether written perfectly or not here on this blog. Living in Dark Blue has seen me through the difficult and absolutely wonderful times, and I hope that all that I put on here connects with you as well and reminds you that you are not alone. I continue to wish for this blog to be a beacon of light that encourages all of you to follow your own unique path and heart. Never give up!

Happy 5 Years, Living in Dark Blue! Thank you for coming along with me. Here's to many more years!

With Love,

Christie Leigh

P.S. I hope you all like the new design.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Where Her Heart Is

You should have known better than to play that song.
Bright yellow sunlight is now dancing on her closed eyelids,
and she’s seeing long brown boots,
hair down,
a short dress,
and a denim jacket for the cold.
She’s jumping in mud-filled puddles,
being young with crisp air washing over all of her.
Her cinnamon red Hyundai will take her there.
She’ll have the windows rolled down the entire way.
You see, you set her country heart free again with your song.
Like a dormant volcano,
it was only a matter of time.
It’s who she is.
It’s where her love can belong.
She doesn’t want to see cars bumper to bumper.
She doesn’t want to hear one more honking horn,
or smell diesel no matter how far east on this island she goes.
Congestion and pollution is faced even after a beautiful day at the beach.
What’s the point?
She doesn’t need those city lights beaming,
shouting at her to pay attention to what no longer serves her.
She longs for the twilight,
horses, foxes, and deer roaming on large expanses of land,
plenty of green and blue,
a gorgeous lake,
and the fast-paced only on adventures with you.
This is what she wants.
She aches to be back where her heart lives.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Her Beat

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I found her there
with nowhere to go
Her moonlight 
needing you
She didn’t see herself 
until you were gone 
She wasn’t convinced of her home 
until she hit the empty road 
In those in between moments 
she felt lost 
And that’s how I knew her
because she couldn’t stop 
In the grass at the water’s edge
her earbuds in feeling the beat with a notebook and pen in hand

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Change of Heart

Is this really our cause?
Because thoughts of going back still flutter about for me.
A butterfly of bright purple and orange wings,
it can’t disappear without a single remembrance of its touch on your fingertips.
Subtle moments as this remain.
And I still remember
your amusement park smile,
and tears you released when I was the only one who understood.
I still understand.
We do funny things when we’re scared of losing someone we care about.
Do you really think I had a change of heart?
I promise that could never be true,
but maybe goodbye really is just easier for you.
There’s no denying that we both cut deeply.
We placed judgements in permanent marker,
and yet now when I touch the ink it all just fades away.
I guess my heart cannot change if the love was true.
For me the love was true,
how about you?

Sunday, June 17, 2018


She has been trained for this moment right here.
She will not walk into the prison of doubt again,
even if the open gates are still off to her right.
“Keep focusing ahead! Keep looking straight ahead, my girl!” She hears her future self demand.
She doesn’t know what you’ve been through,
but she can guess that there’s something to others seeing a graveled version of you.
Years of letting yourself stay on the bottom floor,
you refuse to go back there again.
But you need to know that your hurt is showing through to a girl who is still overcoming the past just like you.
You’re in danger of becoming the pain that was your captor,
while she is still in danger of believing that she’s not capable of giving all that her heart longs to.
Thank goodness for these soulful ladies pulling out their passion on her stereo tonight.
Putting on her sassiest cloak,
she keeps taking you in.
She’s understanding that you need the understanding that God has spent the last few years intensely placing in her.
He has been getting her ready to use the heart that she has prided herself on having to grant a wish that will ultimately set you both free like never before.
So this is her time!
The test is happening right now, and she’s ready!
This is all because she’s determined like never before to make every single one of her dreams come true. 
For her time is
Right Now. 

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