Saturday, June 30, 2018

Her Beat

Her Beat
✨Christie Leigh ✨
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I found her there
with nowhere to go
Her moonlight 
needing you
She didn’t see herself 
until you were gone 
She wasn’t convinced of her home 
until she hit the empty road 
In those in between moments 
she felt lost 
And that’s how I knew her
because she couldn’t stop 
In the grass at the water’s edge

her earbuds in feeling the beat with a notebook and pen in hand

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Change of Heart

Is this really our cause?
Because thoughts of going back still flutter about for me.
A butterfly of bright purple and orange wings,
it can’t disappear without a single remembrance of its touch on your fingertips.
Subtle moments as this remain.
And I still remember
your amusement park smile,
and tears you released when I was the only one who understood.
I still understand.
We do funny things when we’re scared of losing someone we care about.
Do you really think I had a change of heart?
I promise that could never be true,
but maybe goodbye really is just easier for you.
There’s no denying that we both cut deeply.
We placed judgements in permanent marker,
and yet now when I touch the ink it all just fades away.
I guess my heart cannot change if the love was true.
For me the love was true,
how about you?

Sunday, June 17, 2018


She has been trained for this moment right here.
She will not walk into the prison of doubt again,
even if the open gates are still off to her right.
“Keep focusing ahead! Keep looking straight ahead, my girl!” She hears her future self demand.
She doesn’t know what you’ve been through,
but she can guess that there’s something to others seeing a graveled version of you.
Years of letting yourself stay on the bottom floor,
you refuse to go back there again.
But you need to know that your hurt is showing through to a girl who is still overcoming the past just like you.
You’re in danger of becoming the pain that was your captor,
while she is still in danger of believing that she’s not capable of giving all that her heart longs to.

Thank goodness for these soulful ladies pulling out their passion on her stereo tonight.

Putting on her sassiest cloak,
she keeps taking you in.

She’s understanding that you need the understanding that God has spent the last few years intensely placing in her.

He has been getting her ready to use the heart that she has prided herself on having to grant a wish that will ultimately set you both free like never before.

So this is her time!

The test is happening right now, and she’s ready!

This is all because she’s determined like never before to make every single one of her dreams come true. 

For her time is
Right Now.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Answer

She’s seeing it all-
A summer sun shining on The Sound,
ripples and heaven’s light-
the beach textured with the emotions she’s feeling right now.
It’s you and her,
only you and her.
Synchronicities are finally showing.
Her heart is racing-
Not wanting to go back or forward,
she just found her life.
She just found the answer to all her prayers,
the fulfillment of her greatest dream.

Book Review- Slow Burn by Author, Sarah King

A deep love in the midst of grief, Sarah King's story, Slow Burn incomparably delves into the depths of conflicting emotions. I think we have all faced these emotions at one point or another in our lives. Is it okay to experience great happiness at the same time that you are facing tragedy and sadness? When trying to protect another's heart, what is right? What is wrong? Can such distinctions be made?

Slow Burn is a beautiful and powerfully written story that truly transports the reader into the hearts and minds of its two main characters, Blake and Ell, as they are faced with the unexpected passing of the other member of their since childhood trio, Matt. The story is written with such vivid details, vulnerability, heart, and even laughter, and naturally delivers a message of what real love is, and why you can't let it go when you find it. Slow Burn moves with your heart. The story itself is well-paced, raw, sexy, and above all, heartfelt. It is a story that most definitely stays with the reader.

Love doesn't always come appropriately or in the timing you request, that is why it is divine, fated, and usually messy. That's also why love changes us for the better. Love dives right into every vulnerability and weakness to make its presence profoundly altering, and profoundly magnificent. It's a "Slow Burn" unlike any other. 

Slow Burn is a Must Read! Please check it out at...

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Monday, June 11, 2018


She wants to be yours,
with a power held that dives so very deeply into everything you feel inside.
There will be nothing that she finds that will be too much for her to handle.
At any given time,
she wants to make you feel eternally free-
in a long kiss,
and in an embrace that fills you up so completely.
There will be nothing that will make her doubt her love for you.
She'll fly in,
taking you so very high every time-
with a shot of the brightest colors,
and warmth for your peace,
in a deep dark blue-
the kind of shade you find at night, lit by those golden twinkle lights.
She'll take you to where you feel at home,
making sure you both stay there for as long as it is true,
because you both know that what you share is the most unique and greatest power of all.
All she wants is to be yours-
Your Superwoman.

Sunday, June 10, 2018


She wants to lift you up,
but there are daggers only you can remove.
She only knows from the experience of having firmly stood where you still linger.
She traverses this new ground,
only now at a later age than you,
after insecurities and fears took their shots with a power and velocity so great.
With conviction,
only now,
she can promise you of the love that does exist.
On the other side there is beautiful air,
wide open-
She promises you this.
If she could take you with her she would,
but it is the isolation that had set her free.
One by one the swords were carefully twisted out from her,
in each time she would rise,
each time she filled herself with an immensity of light when the darkness flooded in with its chilling color.
She had to move deliberately into the battle.
That's how it goes.
Struggling in the deep end,
she had to keep moving.
It's the only way to discover the happiness and fulfillment she wishes so deeply for you.
Hang on,
for you are not alone.
She's watching and cheering you on from this distance,
but first you must fall.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Summer Storms

I've got quite the crush on you.
The heat of the day having filled me,
I'm so emotionally true. 
You're a first kiss feeling every time. 
A light gray blue,
you're every bit transparent.
You have nothing to hide.
I think that's one of the many reasons I adore you.
And yet your power makes my soul fly existentially high.
All I want to do is joyfully without any inhibitions fall into your embrace and sweetly absorbing rain.
and believing-
I mean, truly believing-
Anything wonderful is entirely possible and completely probable with faith and love,
that's what you do for me.
You restore all that I am.
And you let me know that this yearning that I feel is the one something that will never fade with time.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Fool

Like a whirlwind romance,
you came on strong.
She followed your lead,
but it wasn't long before she was bringing an even tighter hold to this love
she thought.
In the give and take,
she wanted to ensure that you never had a single doubt that she was taking on your heart with great pride.
She wanted to make you feel so unbelievably loved.
She placed songs like puzzle pieces to see which ones fit.
That's probably what caused her to fall all too quickly.
She had committed to you only to feel like a fool in the end,
and yet,
there's no way she could have done any part differently.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Days pass-
Am I doing enough?
A toxic something he said,
pinches in the rise and falling away.
A remark that is neither true nor false,
but comes from a source who held no love to rightfully cast his judgement upon me.
So I weigh my time spent, 
vowing to reach more with the whispers I am granted,
and diminish the voices that simply don't belong.

Sunday, May 13, 2018


It's a hazardous trade.
There's no protecting your heart.
You dwell.
You fixate.
You can't forget.
Your mind filled with poetic moments,
you can't let go.
You sometimes wish the loves away,
when you see the complete foolishness in holding on.
But these memories all have their space,
taking up residence forevermore.
How can it be that there's always room for more?
It baffles you that this can be true,
when there are ones that possess a hurt that digs so deeply,
like mine workers on the job.
You can't stop any of these remembrances from coming through.
No matter how far away you go,
you see everything so vividly.
You collect feelings without any requests.
The rain will always be the richest element you have ever experienced.
You stand beneath the downpours every single time,
palms raised up in front of you.
Because it's true,
you're invigorated by the feel right down into your soul.
You understand despite any resistance you show,
this is the only way you can live,
despite any consequence,
this is what you do.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Her Fix

The sun is hidden for the night.
There's a deeply lit blue sky outside the window where she sits
in this corner seat, happily alone.
She's waiting on the band to begin,
anticipating the music like a private beach swim on a blazing summer afternoon,
like going from New York to Wyoming air in a single prayer.
She came here with intention,
ready to take in a medicine she has taken before,
one that provides that magical soul fix every time.
She's filling herself up.
She's setting herself clear,
for the close company she can't get enough of.
She's coming back home to the ones who remind her that everything that she feels is so sweetly alive,
that these emotions she's comprised of are in fact the song that many will soon want to hear.