Thursday, November 29, 2018

You Remain

If I briefly stepped left
with you
Maybe if I had held your hand tighter
Just maybe then my feelings would have moved to you
and you would have instantaneously turned around
But I heard you can't change the way the river runs
Whoever said this first couldn't have been struck the way I was
to be so cavalier
I still reminisce in the silence
when we matched in rhythm
stepping into the same beat every time
Strings of possibility were a constant in the sparkle of your deep brown eyes
And still when I hear a duet
there's not a second when I don't think
that could be us
Like it was 
in the backseat of that shiny dark blue Oldsmobile
My friend
there's no moving past you
There's no amount of time that could heal
I guess you've just become a stone in the bitter
this earthly place doles out from time to time
I will still dance
I will still laugh
I will fall in love
But I know enough
after almost fifteen years
that you will remain
Not like that birthmark you learn to love
Nor compared to the beautiful light seen when perspectives are changed
You exist in the broken pieces
I've learned to gently live with

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Signs- Topic Discussion on Facebook @ Author, Christie Leigh Babirad

☕️ Hi Friends! I want to invite you all to join the conversation on my Facebook Page, Author, Christie Leigh Babirad. Anyone Can Join! We’re talking about signs we receive from above, which is part of my upcoming story that is currently in production, As the Winds Change. There have already been some beautiful stories being shared in the comments, and I would love to hear more. I believe that when we share our hearts, our belief grows, and our souls light up with increased happiness, gratitude, and faith. 


I also want to invite you to join the page because I have a lot of projects brewing that will be announced and linked on this page first. 

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Do You Believe In Signs? #AsTheWindsChange

I believe in signs. Do you? 
April Miller in my upcoming story, As the Winds Change, finds dimes in the oddest of places that she believes are sent down from her grandfather to let her know that he is still with her. 🧚‍♀️Comment below if you believe and would like to share signs you’ve received from loved ones now in Heaven. I would love to hear your stories.🧚‍♀️ As the Winds Change is in production right now, and I will let you know as soon as I have a release date. Thank you to my new followers.

For new followers:
As the Winds Change 

If you were given one more chance to talk with someone who passed away, what would you do? When April Miller’s estranged childhood best friend, Johnny, is killed in a car accident, April is confronted by his ghost as she’s heading to work one day, making the phrase, “It’s never too late,” all the more poignant. #AsTheWindsChange #supernatural #love #fiction #forthcoming #astoryaboutlove #signsfromabove #belief #family #friendship #romance #findingyourpath #bookcomingsoon #newadult #fiction 

Saturday, November 24, 2018


How do I push away the heaviness 
when storms are felt
behind every creamy sunset?
I’m terrified of the passing time these days.
I question the level of the course 
I’m rocketing along.
I’m worrying about her.
I’m worrying about him.
I’m worrying about my past, present, future,
Will beauty fade before I meet my someone?
You might think this sounds superficial,
but these lovely fears don’t discriminate in the least.
These thoughts of mine stream in with the sweet cerulean turned dark navy waves
thrashing outside my window tonight.

But hope of solace and comfort comes through you feeling these truths of mine.
For behind every bright photo,
I have fears possibly just like you.
I know deep down that I am not alone.
You are not alone.
This is life.
I’m taking it all in as I turn my thoughts around.
With the grace of God we can do this.
And I remind myself,
light has a magical way of pouring in every time 
no matter how rough the seas become,
continually releasing our fears as we continue on.
I am with you.

New Year

She's a surfer,
race car driver,
a mover,
and believer.
Always turning the temperature up,
she's hot to the touch!
Sweet the story would be if you were to come along,
but her chocolate-stained grin can't wait.
Awakened one early a.m. by a twinge
under a tropical night sky,
her heart was shocked by the cumulative time her smile was tucked so far away.
Brown eyes softened their sultry sparkle
'till she saw the scribblings of how this year almost gone has changed her.
Beneath the dance of palms and painting of stars,
she opened a brand new room in her soul while much of her world was still resting.
Decorating this space genuinely,
she let in very few this time-
accounting for only an additional two.
Could one possibly be you?
You'll have to prove your heart to her before the clock strikes twelve!

Sunday, November 4, 2018

This Gift

You would think that bitter she would be with the holes that will never go away.
She’s certain they will remain even if it were her wedding day.
She clearly feels the breeze often passing through these hurt places.
And she’ll never forget the faces.
But these people are uniquely designed to effortlessly move on.
This fact baffled her for so long until one sleepless night.
She found the gift inside her with all those holes.

There is not a stitch of bitterness,
only an immensity of love-
like bright sound waves waiting on play.
These holes revealed how great her love really is.
It’s a love that cannot attach to anything less.
To the top of the mountain,
launching into the stars above.
From the voice that carries into the beyond with God-given power.
Her love for him will be more than he could ever imagine.
Her peace will be his unmistakable care in return.

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